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June 2019 

One Off Gallery  - Nairobi , Kenya 

SPRING 2019 ' Impressions of Amboseli, Kenya" 

The Maglis Gallery - Dubai

APRIL 25th 2017  "Painting with both hands" Book launch and exhibition


2 Motcombe Street, United Kingdom

MARCH 2nd 2017  "An artists impression of Lamu" Book launch and exhibition by Sophie Walbeoffe


Karen, Nairobi

2016        Polka Dot Gallery, Nairobi

2015        One Off Gallery Nairobi 

2014        Osborn Studio Gallery

2012        Osborn Studio gallery 

2010        Ramoma Nairobi

2008        Osborne studio gallery 

2006        Henshelwood Gallery, Curated by Corrymella Scott, Newcastle

2005        'Arabia Meets Africa' - The Majlis gallery, Dubai, UAE

2002        'Painting in the Clouds' - John Adams Fine Art Gallery, London SW1
               'Painting in the Clouds' - Curated by Ramoma, Nairobi, Kenya

2001        'Camels in my Garden' - Curated by Ramoma, Nairobi, Kenya

2000        'Colour Shadows' - John Adams Fine Art Gallery, London SW1

1995        'Rumours of Rain' - John Adams Fine Art Gallery, London SW1

1992        'Under Northumberland Skies' - Phillips, St. Mary's, Gateshead

1991        'Paintings and Drawings' - Chelsea Arts Club, London
               'Recent Paintings' - Dorchester Gallery, Dorset

1989        'Paintings from Kenya' - Stephen Bartley Gallery, London
               'Watercolours Through Kenya' - British Council, Nairobi, Kenya

1988        'Paintings from the Middle East' - Stephen Bartley Gallery, London

1987        'An Adventurer's Portfolio' - Stephen Bartley Gallery, London

1986        Calgary, Canada
               'Paintings from Venice' - Stephen Bartley Gallery, London

1985        Adam Gallery, Kennington, London


Group Exhibitions

'Distant Lands' The Wykeham Gallery, Hampshire

The Ideal Home Exhibition, Earls Court, London

The Metropolitan Wharf Wapping Show, London

The Imperial War Museum, with Operation Raleigh, London

Art for Sale, Guardian magazine

Smithy Gallery, Alnwick, Northumberland

Serpentine Gallery Contemporary Art Auction

The Hatton Gallery, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

The Lennox Gallery, London

'Artists' Perception of Home', Maison Francais Gallery, Nairobi

The Majlis Gallery, Dubai

The Osborne Studio Gallery, London

Ramoma, Nairobi


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